Jenn Barton: Simplicity

Kids' natural curiosity nurtures their social and emotional well-being.

Hundreds of bacteria inhabit one square inch of skin. Imagine what lives in a cubic inch of soil, and then behold a whole tree, not just a young sapling, but a hearty hemlock that has survived the centuries, housing a … Continue reading

Jennifer Ries: Guided Recreation in the Maine Woods

True intimacy: on inheriting stories of the land, passing the paddle, and coming full circle.

As a young person bumbling through life, looking for that blissful connection of hand to heart—wanting my work to mean something—I got the notion, rather suddenly one day, that I should become a Registered Maine Guide. I adored nature. This, … Continue reading

John Willard: Access/Barriers to Wild Places

Beauty often beckons us to the trail, but something else inspires our return.

In Maine, trees are accessible to us all. Hide and seek is challenging in this state, for the seeker that is. But how many of us actually know these trees, these forests? How many of us see the burl that … Continue reading

Eric Stirling: Tradition

While tradition furnishes the framework, mystery supplies the stories.

A morning cup of coffee (or two or three); a run before breakfast; a dog walk before dinner; the brush, floss, wash, change ritual of bedtime—these are familiar routines. Be they healthy or harmful, these deliberate, repeated patterns lend shape … Continue reading