Since its founding in 2004, Maine Woods Forever has convened a series of roundtables every year. These roundtable meetings have included over 100 organizations, with an average attendance of 30-35 people at any one meeting. In the context of changes that are occurring in land ownership and land management in Maine, the roundtables raise awareness, spark ideas leading to positive action, and encourage partnerships. These non-political gatherings fill a void by bringing together diverse interests around the table to discuss, inspire, and pursue collaborative conservation outcomes for the Maine Woods.

List of Roundtable Topics 2004-2017
(Held in Unity at the Unity Barn Raisers Center through March, 2014, and at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts after that, unless otherwise noted)

September 22:
“Values and Importance of the Maine Appalachian Mountain Corridor,” with speakers Alec Giffen, New England Forestry Foundation; Dr. Peter McKinley, Climate Adaptation Ecologist for The Wilderness Society; Jerry Bley, Creative Conservation, LLC; and Bryan Wentzell, Executive Director of Maine Mountain Collaborative.
April 7: “Keeping the Trust, Preserving Wilderness on Katahdin,” by Jensen Bissell, Director of Baxter State Park

December 2:
“Issues and Impact of Maine Land Trusts Today” a panel discussion moderated by Tom Mullin, Associate Professor at Unity College, and with panelists Alan Hutchinson, Executive Director of the Forest Society of Maine, David Montague, Executive Director of the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, and Jennifer Irving, Project Manager and former Executive Director of the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust.
September 16: “On Creating the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and Future Plans” by Lucas St. Clair, President of the Board of Elliotsville Plantation, Inc.
April 15: “Climate Change and Acadia National Park” by Abe Miller-Rushing, Science Coordinator, Acadia National Park

October 16:
“Whose Woods These Are: Current Trends in Land Ownership and Management of the Maine Woods” by Jerry Bley, Creative Conservation
May 29: “Nature and Renewal: Wild River Valley and Beyond” by Dean Bennett, professor emeritus, University of Maine at Farmington
March 6: “The Coming Spruce Budworm Outbreak, Initial Risk Assessment” by Patrick Strauch, Executive Director of the Maine Forest Products Council, and members of the Maine Spruce Budworm Task Force

September 26:
Presentation on Teddy Roosevelt in Maine by Andrew Vietze, author of Becoming Teddy Roosevelt. Also a report by Amity Beane of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on its use of Andrew’s book to engage and inspire middle school students.
March 21: “The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods” by Andrew Barton, Professor of Biology at the University of Maine Farmington

November 1:
Presentation on forests as habitat for birds and other wildlife by Bob Duchesne, creator of the Maine Birding Trail
September 27:  “10,000 Years of Sustainable Stewardship, Natural Resources Management on Penobscot Land” by John Banks, Director of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Nation
March. 15:  Overview of Maine’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative  by Patrick Sirois  and overview of findings from the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests at UMaine/Orono by Spencer Meyer

Mar. 9:
“America’s Great Outdoors” by Ken Elowe, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s NE Division
May 4: Presentation on Project SHARE (Salmon Habitat and River Enhancement) by Steven Koenig, Executive Director
Nov. 9: Presentation on Penobscot River Restoration Project by Laura Rose Day, Executive Director, Penobscot River Restoration Trust

May 6:
Presentation on current state conservation efforts by William H. Beardsley, Commissioner, Department of Conservation
Nov. 4: Report on current status of the LURC Reform Commission by Tom Rumpf, The Nature Conservancy

June 10: Update on continuing conservation efforts in concert with U.S. Departments of the Interior & Agriculture, by Alec Giffin, Director, Maine Forest Service
Dec. 10: Update on Keeping Maine’s Forests initiative by Steering Committee members

June 5:
“Converging Opportunities to Protect Maine’s Forests,” by Patrick McGowan
Nov. 20: “How Do We Keep Maine’s Forests As Forests?” by Sherry Huber

Mar. 13:
In lieu of winter roundtable, we encouraged attendance at Colby College’s conference, “Protecting Livelihoods and Landscapes in Northern Maine”
May 16: “Spreading Prosperity to All of Maine,” by Bruce Hazard, Mountain Counties Heritage Network
July 26:  Cancelled due to death within the Penobscot Nation
Nov. 7: “Quality of Place and The North Maine Woods,” by Ted Koffman, Maine Audubon

Feb. 27:
Presentation on Maine’s conservation plans for next four years by Patrick McGowan, Commissioner, Department of Conservation
May 16: Report on Maine’s current and future land protection goals & new task force, by Karin Tilberg, Senior Policy Advisor on the Environment
July 23: Celebration of the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail official opening, including a talk on Kineo geology by Walter Anderson (on the “Kate,” Moosehead Lake)
Oct. 26: Report on updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan by LURC staff (at Viles Arboretum, Augusta)

Jan. 31:
Presentation on Two Countries, One Forest by James Sullivan & Rob Baldwin
June 9:  Presentation on LURCs current deliberations by Catherine Carroll
Oct. 27: “Economic & Environmental Considerations in Maine Rural Land Use,” by Jonathan Rubin, Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy

Jan. 21: Progress report & ideas on creation of proposed Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail(TWT)
June  8: Presentation on Plum Creek, LURC, and related state issues (at Unity College)
Sept. 9: “The Life of Penobscot Indian Joe Polis,” by Bonnie Newsom & “Kineo Rhyolite and Its Place in pre-European Maine,” by Arthur Spiess (on the “Kate“, Moosehead Lake)

Sept. 17:
Wide-ranging discussion on role of newly-formed Maine Woods Forever
Nov. 19:  Further refining of our role & mission with brainstorming by attendees